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I started an empty screen. I read the tutorials etc, and I can't set in play mode the "Advanced Third Person Camera" working. If I set the Movement Method: First Person, after it automatically start the game in FPS mode. I think it would be very good if Third Person option would be in movement method, what user can select and after it works.

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Jun 08, 2018 · Bake paused in play mode should not be the problem. You can disable the baking in the lightning settings: Window -> Lightning -> Settings Uncheck Auto Generate under Realtime Lightning - it is difficult to help you remote. Seems like Unity is doing some processes in background. Remove all Unity Versions, restart and reinstall? – NOTE: With 4.5, support of OSX 10.5 for standalone players was dropped, i.e. players will need to have at least OSX 10.6 in order to play Unity games deployed with the Mac standalone player. The webplayer's minimum system requirements remain unchanged.

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