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New, Come to the West Bend Cricket Wireless (1763 S Main St), and get the Moxee Mobile Hotspot for only $79.99! Connect up to 16 Wi-Fi connected devices to Cricket's 4G LTE network. Secure with password protection and the latest Wi-Fi security protocols. Dual band Wi-Fi support for faster speeds and greater range. Long lasting, rechargeable 2,300 mAh battery.

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The mobile hotspot web page displays. Note: The first time you log in to the web page you are asked to keep or change your login password and your Wi-Fi passcode. Follow the display for instructions. Mobile Hotspot LCD Screens Press the Power/Navigation button to scroll through the screens. Wi-Fi detailsWi-fi capable device req'd. Data access for 30 days or 50GB, whichever comes first, at which point trial service will end. Requires a Moxee signal device and will not work with any other device. A man is dead and the three possible witnesses are missing as one detective watches his personal connections to the crime grow stronger and stronger while the case develops in this twisted mystery ...

• IMSI: The international mobile subscriber identity used to uniquely identify the 4G-LTE module. • MAC: A unique number that identifies the hotspot. • System Admin The admin account can change all hotspot settings. Click "Apply" to set the new username and password. Note: To keep your hotspot secure, it is recommended to create a