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Possessive-Ryomen Sukuna. Chapter 6.6"Warning: Forced, Non-consensual, Drugged." At this point, my senses were abnormal. I didn't have any idea what he was doing to me. The concept of time and space...

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Kid vessel!reader ask. Sukuna & teenager vessel!reader (platonic, reader is still anxious) (1.5k words) Warnings: name calling, physical assault of the reader, murder, and a lot of blood. Minors, I do not want you interacting with my work. Keep readingOliver yang x emotionless reader by 229692355c23. 179 2 7 'I see this guy just sleeping and some random girl goes up to him and asks to kiss him, I think', Weird kinda feel bad for him, but why? Continue reading to find out! joeyang; story; thekissbet +8 more # 8. An insane soldiers tale by Eyepatch. 451 9 2.Aug 25, 2021 · Article Summary X. If you want to be emotionless, try to think logically and focus on the facts, rather than getting swept up in emotions, which will help you remain objective. When you’re confronted with an unwanted emotion, distract yourself by getting up and doing something, like going to the gym, taking a walk, or practicing an instrument.

Summary. Resurrecting into a world ruled by curses with a new body and a new set of priorities have left you desperate for work. Taking on the job of a scribe for the leader of said world seemed promising at first, but the closer you get to your new boss, the more you feel like he's hiding something from you. Series.Awaited Reunion // Ryōmen Sukuna. Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen Pairing: Sukuna x Reader // Human AU Word Count: 4,7 k Rating: Explicit, 18 + // Minors, do not interact. Summary: You finally return from your long, exhausting business trip. Your boyfriend picks you up and shows you just how much he's been missing you, since you've been gone.