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Re: Wow and flutter measurement for tape deck. Post. by hdrobien ยป Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:19 pm. It can be done through software and there is already a software that does it, "wfgui" (you can google it). It uses 3.000 and 3150 Hz reference signal (these frequencies are used by genuine test tapes). It would be nice to calibrate a tape deck with one ...

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Messages. 1,269 (2.43/day) May 14, 2021. #21. Andy Shiekh said: It is well known that the speed does not depend on the energy (for light), strange as that might seem. EVEN stranger, even if one is passing a beam of light, one will still measure the same speed, even if going at say 99% the speed of light.the wow and flutter measurements. Fig. 5 Spectrum and unweighted peak wow & flutter of a 3150 kHz signal from a turntable In Multi-Instrument, to measure the wow and flutter, set the Oscilloscope frame width (a.k.a. record length or sweep time) to be at least 5 seconds (10~60 seconds is recommended). Right click

Techs usually tend to do multiple runs (15 to 20) to arrive at a weighted average of the wow and flutter WTD RMS measured with a reference tape containing 3150 hz tone .. The reason I ask is that the .067% WOW and Flutter is slightly more than the published specs of 0.04% for a classic transport..Is this because of only one run.. Wow and Flutter Perceptual Model As I noted, my goal is not to convince you of audible artifacts of Wow and Flutter. But let me share some data that I do have since the topic has been so much discussed by Arny. The first point is that when we perform Wow and Flutter measurements, we use a standardized frequency weighting.